Sunday, July 11, 2004

Get over it!

Thinking on the review of Stage Beauty, two things occurred to me. First, that the tedious sex scenes that clutter up movies these days are really the progression of the "smoochy bits" that I saw as time-wasters when I was younger (and they still just pad out the films in which they are found); and second, that in books - at least the sort I read - that they got over the obligatory sex scene some time in the mid-90's (the last I can recall being the excruciatingly bad stuff in Greg Bear's Slant). Perhaps in F/SF writings, the realisation has been made that the target audience are likely to be on-line and thereby able to seek out smut à la carte to their own particular tastes if so desirous.

If only movies would move similarly with the times... *sigh*

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