Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Solving my IE issues

Goal — fix things so I have a validating page for compliant browsers, where I can use <abbr> and max-width; where I can print in a stripped down style; and I can feed IE with condtional code to make it play as best it can.

In the <head>

For an <abbr> — fortunately infrequent —

where "not" is a class that translates to display:none. This may not be as light-weight as putting a <span class="abbr"> with an IE-only style inside the abbr, but does make the bits where I'm pandering to IE obvious in the code, so that better browsers only get what they need.

The iescreen.css stylesheet is

using the expression hack for IE. The main style sheet sets the content div to 670px max width, but it is offset with an em-based left margin. Alas, the expression hack appears only to work off the whole-body width, so I have to factor that in to the expression with a multiple of the current font-size.

The amazing thing is that it actually seems to work reasonably fluidly without too many jumps at the margin when the transition happens.

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