Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Easter Hols

Took the Easter week-end as a few days off-net to veg out in Bourton-on-the-Water. The drive down on Friday was smooth, with no sign of any Bank Holiday jams; and Bourton itself is a very pretty - if busy - village.

footbridge over the Windrush, Bourton village green

The weather was warm on Friday, just nice for a little amble around in the afternoon, scoping the place out. The main limitation turned out to be that most places serving food were tea-rooms, and shut sometime not too long after 5pm, so we ended up having a Chinese at the one accessible evening eatery.

Saturday started warm, and we went to Birdland, an aviary penguins standing and swimming, and took pictures until the camera ran out of power. The afternoon was cooler, and with fewer throngs of people, we were able to get in to have high tea at the Croft restaurant, before returning to the hotel to watch the first episode of the new Dr. Who.

That was quite brill — it packed into the double-length episode the content of a traditional 4-parter, Eccleston played the part with the humour he's shown elsewhere (e.g. as Vendici in Revenger's Tragedy), and it was almost enough to say it might be worth getting a TV - if only we hadn't seen the utter tripe that was on beforehand.

Sunday was cold, with a raw wind. I went for a walk, spotting many pressed frogs (like pressed flowers, only less aesthetic) on the road, for about 3 hours, then we took in a late lunch and read books for afternoon and evening.

Monday, back to Birdland again, enjoying another burst of sun, and then more walking around, just enjoying the hints of spring, before driving home today in the cold and dank.

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