Saturday, March 12, 2005

Spring flowers

After a couple of months, the snowdrops are still hanging on. The croci and the irises by the pond came along later, but latter have just about finished. The primulas are going strong, and the first early dwarf tulip is just bursting its bud.

Cycling in to town today, in bright early sun (and chill wind), there were daffs on the verge, and the display of croci and daffs on Parker's Piece was at its height.

It clouded up — I could see the start of fairweather cumulus bubbling up before 10:00; this replaced the early handful of distant stratiforms, one of which was trailing virga behind like a jellyfish. I guess it was snow, as the stream was only about 30 degrees off horizontal.

I had wondered about the cycling, with the toe still in process of recovery, but it was no problem with a foam wedge between the toes just to keep the sock from rubbing. Actually, it's driving, and sitting that are uncomfortable, if I have anything on that foot, so I've taken to wandering around the office in sandals.

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