Friday, March 11, 2005

Web (server) logs

Image requests are interesting; a lot of requests come into my site for Oscar Wilde's tomb, and Jim Morrison's; as well as tree lined avenues and the Beast of the Gévaudan. I think my Velay walking page is the single most visited non-gallery page — of the galleries, the old family photos seem to be quite the magnet.

Not only do the latter have names, regiments and other organizations as keywords, there is a lot of interest in “Old London Town”, and WWII family or uniform shots, as well. Also commonly requested are falconry mews, hibiscus flowers, and the Monastery at El Deir by Petra.

In other requests, having an NGE based set of pages gets some interesting highlights as to which pairings people are interested in, from the lone Gendou/Misato shipper, to the level pegging of Shinji/Asuka and Rei/Asuka (tie broken if you add in the “Shinji strangles Asuka” search string). And I think I know what is going through peoples' minds when they visit a fanfic page with the chapter title of “Greater Love” — they don't recognise the blatant allusion to John 15:13.

I also keep getting random gerbil related hits on the Ranlyr campaign write-up page.

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