Thursday, July 27, 2006

Last leg

A hazy, almost misty start, that saps the energy; and any offroad bits are likely to be muddy. As it happens the same markings that have in the past meant unmade track today indicate quiet, wider than single-track, metalled road, and a relief to be off the B-road from Fakenham.

I start out on the long route, but the leaden weather encourages me to chamfer off the corners. I'm back at base at just about 12:30, so after a couple of pints of shandy at the Old Bell, I kill time with a quick loop to Threxton and Watton, before getting to the hotel to wait for the bike for luggage swap.

There is a sprinkle of rain while I'm waiting and an almighty thunderclap; but the rain doesn't start in earnest until I'm driving home.

[Now playing - Planet Rock]

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