Wednesday, July 26, 2006

To the sea! — and back

Head into Fakenham to pick up Sustrans route 1 (Hull to Harwich, via the back of beyond); well signed and good for nothing but holidays like this.

Walsingham is awash with an unusual traffic hazard : groups of pilgrims who think they have the road to themselves.

Offroad through the Holkham estate is borderline cyclable, with loose flints everywhere. Wells next the Sea is heaving, so after threading my way between people, take the sandy path behind the dunes (still Sustrans 1), occasionally playing chicken with flocks of pedestrians. With the choice of back through Holkham, or taking the coast road, I choose the latter to the Burnhams. At Burnham Overy Staithe, a car overtakes, pauses, and looks like it's going to turn right into the pub — then slides left to the kerb. I remonstrated with the driver about the use of indicators, without resorting to invective (I was surprised!).

Took another liquid lunch of Wherry and nuts at the Lord Nelson in Burnham Market, then headed back past the brass plate that marks where Nelson was born (the building was demolished in his lifetime) as the weather was clearly on the turn; cloud was building up and it was all very still.

I secured the bike, covered the saddle and went to my room; and the thunder started as I was running my bath. The rain then just bucketed down for 20 minutes, with a strong wind blowing before easing off to merely heavy rain.

The cellarage here is not up to the heat, and so it's lager with a light supper.

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