Tuesday, July 25, 2006

To Sculthorpe Mill

Tuesday dawned grey; by the time I hit the road, the sky was milky blue, and the air was full of the smell of harvest; all signs of where the season mellows from light to heat.

The route to Castle Acre involved a taking a route signed Ford/unsuitable for motors; but fortunately there was a (unmarked, slightly concealed) footbridge at the end.


The bridge at Castle Acre

The route indicated a section of the un-made Peddars Way, which was definitely get off and push terrain, before reaching Great Massingham.

Great Massingham

Pond, Great Massingham

From there I struck off the Great Bircham, took a look at the mill

Great Bircham Mill

Mill, Great Bircham

then stopped at the King's Head for refreshment, finding some well kept Woodfordes' Wherry on tap to wash down the salted nuts. The, rather than backtrack, I struck off on the green lane through Bircham Tofts and Bagthorpe, which was easier going than the Peddars Way.

Reaching East Rudham, the Cat and Fiddle Free House tempted me, and I had a very nice pint of chilled dark mild. Then the last leg wove around a disused railway

Disused Railway

Raynham Park station, as was

before reaching this sign


Guess which way

to this dead end

Half a ford

No through route

where there was access on foot to the Mill Inn.

Tried to phone home and find that my phone won't boot into Windows.

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