Thursday, June 14, 2007

Anime — Narutaru (Shadow Star)

Pokémon, as realised by Mohiro Kitoh.

As noted earlier, as I'm watching this season's Bokurano, I thought I ought to go back and watch him do to the monster-trainer genre what Bokurano does for super-robots, which is to add a lot of damaged children and death.

As expected, the anime bottles out from the bleakness of the manga (though it is still a lot less jolly than the misleading OP might indicate) -- both softening for TV what it does cover; and then just stopping dead half-way through the story, not even going as far as the Dark Horse translation which got 3/4 of the way before being lost.

Now I guess I have to just go look at the pictures for the last couple of volumes, with that weird sort of fascination normally found when examining a wound.


Bokurano is, as I'd been expecting, bottling out too. OK, some of it was bound to happen, like showing Aiko interrupted doing her hair (top left), when it's hinted in the manga (lower left) that, well, maybe she might possibly have been using a hairbrush, but certainly not a dryer; and skirting around the more extreme parts of Chizu's plight. But having Kako die in friendly fire (top right), rather than having Chizu cut his throat (lower right) for scrapping with another of the kids when he should have been piloting starts to make it far too close to being nice.

And more…

To the earlier list, add Dennou Coil -- an Augmented Reality cyberpunk-ish school story/mystery. I don't know where it's going, but it's being fun.

H4x0r-granny has to do some debugging.

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