Sunday, June 03, 2007


Following a wet long weekend, mainly spent moving the main bedroom into the spare room; and a wet week that washed out the chance of a photocall for the local paper about cycling to work, it was suddenly sunny and hot at the weekend.

And, taking me by surprise, Strawberry Fair.

Not as good as it used to be. The T-shirts tend to be faux-countercultural; and the counter-culture is just demented (No2ID being the only island of sanity). But I did manage to pick up a new Panama hat, since I was wanting a spare for the office — and at the point I did, was in need of some portable shade..

Today did gardening to a logical stopping point (refilled the newly empty green bin); and repainted the metal flap on the drive that looked like this

Multi-purpose access

but had become chipped and rusty. I also glued on a couple of pads made from offcuts of heavy-duty flooring vinyl to cushion the front (under-) side when I drive — the chipping coming from crushing stones from the driveway under the metal.

[Now playing - Planet Rock]

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