Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Long day

Woken about 04:30 by having to help Karen to the bathroom, by 05:00 I gave up the unequal struggle and admitted that in the morning light, I was awake; so fired up the laptop and fiddled a bit with the blog, setting up Google Reader and tapping aggregations from that.

I wasn't the only one active at that time -- one of the UK blogs produced a flurry of posts at about 05:20.

On the road by 07:00, at the office by 07:50 for Bike-to-Work Day, and breakfasted copiously; then showered, and with the rest of the team, hit the road down to Chalfont. Going A1/M25, with stop/start traffic from junctions 19-21, it took 2h15. On the return, starting at 15:30 went A413, through Wendover to Tring, B488, A505, A5, A4012, A421, A428 took the same, even with a stop for petrol, and unusually slow traffic between the M1 and Bedford.

In the garden, about 30 minutes ago, just enjoying the slow twilight, I was taken by surprise by a hedgehog crossing the property, and disappearing under the fence.

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