Sunday, September 16, 2007

Anime — Busou Renkin

A fairly typical shonen fighting series, with power-ups, shouting Engrish attack names (Like "Silver Skin -- Another Type -- Reverse!", "5100°C Blaze of Glory!!!" and "Near-death Happiness!") and what-not; but one with character designs that caught my eye. While the protagonist fights in civvies, and some of the background characters are in uniform, there is a slight touch of US-style superhero costuming, like the madness that is Moonface, the indestructible Captain Bravo, and the ever so fabulous Papillon.

It's all done in a fairly straight and good-humoured style, the wacky Japanese slapstick isn't too retarded.

An entirely frothy way to waste a week-end (being only 26 episodes, rather than one of the never ending series more typical of the genre), when you just want to kick back and let the brain cool down.

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