Friday, September 21, 2007


One of the major features of the southern and eastern part Suffolk is the sandy soil. A fact brought vividly to home when cycling down narrow (single lane and passing places) country lanes, where only the usual tramlines are clear of sand.

This means that when there is traffic trying to pass (like every few minutes), hugging the hedge means being forced into deep and drifting sand, and hence coming to a dead stop. Fun on the up-hills, and plenty more fun at downhill junctions (like this one) where I'm heading south and downhill and am about to make a right turn and up, and the junction is pretty much awash in sand.

The contrast is low in the Google image, but at the moment, you can just about make the sandy borders out, though tree-shadow hides the fun-fun sand-trap that I nearly skidded out on.

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