Monday, September 03, 2007


Had an appointment this morning to start putting a crown on the tooth that was root-canalled around the turn of the year. But the published scheduling was interrupted by the twinges in another tooth having turned into full fledged toothache from about Friday lunchtime.

So, lots of prodding and testing to find which tooth it was that was causing half my face to feel like it was falling off. One tooth didn't react to ether chloride (cold!); nor to having large amounts of current run through it, so eventually it seemed that it must be the one at fault, needing some unscheduled root-canal work because of nerve die-back.

So I've just had a batch of root canal work done on a not completely dead tooth without anaesthetic and am going to fall over. I now have at least 4 more appointments ahead of me to patch all this up.

Later -- slept through to the next morning with only a brief pause for some food, the first of the day, at about 19:30.

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