Monday, March 19, 2012

C# under the covers

More of what the compiler does without you realising it, only this time in a C# sample.

The absolutely simplest sort of method, which you can clearly completely cover by calling it once. Right?

That's what I thought until I tried running OpenCover over code rather like this, and it told me I had only covered one of two possible branches.

So naturally, I go "WTF?", and wonder whether it's the return or throw alternatives out of .First that it's alluding to and to be certain, crack open ILSpy, and see that first line expands to

which actually involves first caching the delegate corresponding to the lambda, if it hasn't been already; or using it on subsequent calls.

The release build is much the same; it lacks the initial nop, and the meaningless jump-to-next-instruction at offset 0x23.

Move the constant string out into the method, and make the lambda close over it

and the caching goes away : a new instance of ClassLibrary2.Class1/'<>c__DisplayClass1' gets created every time, debug or release. And with it goes the branch.

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