Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring keeps springing

As usual at this time of year, high pressure usually means socked in 8/8 cloud, or fog after a clear night; and with sunset around 6pm, a prompt return from work and/or some remote working after dinner when cycling. Despite that, a clear night before the full moon meant good conditions for cycling to and from dinner; and since then I've managed three days (out of seven possible) cycling to work when it wasn't foggy and/or drizzling.

The garden continues to progress - primroses now all in flower, not just the ones in the sunny places that have been going a month or more; viburnum still, a solitary daffodil, can crocuses and snowdrops giving way to the early dwarf tulips. I've even had the mower out a couple of times now.

Still a lot of April chores ahead -- lawn work, clearing weeds from the various beds; but I've made a start on some of that already, mainly last Sunday when we had the first warm day where I didn't need a jacket going to the garden centre for supplies.

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