Friday, November 30, 2012

43 miles to go

Due to some unforeseen opportunities for cycling. including a wonderful ride by the light of the full moon, to and from dinner out on Wednesday, I'm now closer than I had expected to my stretch goal for the year (making a total 5500 miles on my bike alone in 2.5 years) with a month to go. And with things to do over the weekend, and dry if cold weather, doing the best part of that remaining 43 miles in the next two days seems quite plausible.

Might I have to aim at 5555 rather than 5500? That would be pushing it, trying to fit in just under a hundred miles in the next month.

48 Hours Later: Two thirds of that 43 miles achieved, running errands in cold and dry (except where the sun had thawed things out by Sunday afternoon) conditions.

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