Saturday, November 03, 2012


With the end of summer time, and temperatures getting into single figures C most of the time, this weekend it's time to declare the tomatoes and courgettes done, even the ones in the greenhouse, which have mildewed rather than ripen. One last courgette will go into tomorrow's supper as will the last picking of runner beans, and then for veg it will just be the perpetual spinach until the broccoli (last years or this) decide to come on stream, if at all.

We did actually get about a couple of pies' worth off the Bramley in the end, in the form of windfalls that had been concealed in the main foliage -- and there are still a dozen or so fruit on the Charles Ross; so the harvest may just aboue last us through the month, rather than into the new year.

Meanwhile, the car passed 7000 miles on the way home last night.

Later: The runner beans actually were enough for two dinners, so we had the last on Tuesday.

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