Thursday, November 08, 2012

Take a hike, Wiggo.

On the news this morning, there was an item about Bradley Wiggins having been knocked off his bike and rushed to hospital -- which is not a nice thing to happen to anyone. But then they had a clip from him where in the first breath, he was invoking the sledgehammer of State against the victims.

If he'd said "I'm glad I was wearing a helmet, and I think all cyclists should.", that would have been fine; but we know that compulsion results in lowered cycling participation, as indeed does even the perception that you have to dress funny to do it. Certainly, I've cycled more since I decided that choosing headgear for the weather (to shade the back of the neck, to keep the head dry, or warm) made it more appealing than the one size fits all conditions notion of armour that I used to do.

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