Thursday, July 24, 2003

TV Suicide

On the radio news earlier, about the baggage handlers' wildcat strike at Heathrow "We've all seen the TV pictures..."

Actually, no, we haven't.

I know that ~98% of the population has the idiot's lantern providing wallpaper in at least one room in the house, but having given up the box shortly after Maggie last won an election - because we had just about stopped watching it, to the extent of not even remembering to switch on for the few things we would have wanted to watch (Blackadder III being the example that springs to mind), averaging the license fee over the number of programs we did watch made it more expensive than the cinema. The only time since that I've actually made a point of visiting friends in order to watch their TV was when the BBC did Gormenghast.

And if TV was bad back when I just stopped using it, from all the self-devouring media stories about what's on the media, it has now gotten worse! Not that nowadays, I can imagine when I'd actually find the time to watch it.

[Now playing - Respighi - The pines of Rome]

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