Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Summertime Blues

Despite the old weather lore about the weather on St. Swithun's day holding for the next 40, it's grey, a bit blustery and intermittently showery this week. Not enough to really help the garden, but enough to discourage a fair-weather cyclist like myself, when it's an hour's ride home to office, closer to two if I detour on the way back into Cambridge for supper, and when the rain is promised for the afternoon and evening. So I've not yet had chance to try out my new kevlar lined tyre, or get the exercise that's managing to keep the weight down.

At least this time of the year sees me turning highly frugivorous, which isn't so bad for the figure.

Later - the weather forecast that told of rain by the late afternoon lied - we had a sprinkle that was just enough to wash the dust of my windscreen, and that was it. And none again on Thursday, though Friday is promised to be wet. We'll see.

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