Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Take that, tree rat

While putting together the recycling last night, I spotted a past-due survey for Gardening Which?, asking about various garden nuisances, and what counter-measures were effective.

For example, were birds a problem - and if so, were netting, or a cat, or tying old AOL CDs on strings around the garden effective.

After birds, they asked about squirrels. And we do have a little problem - they will occasionally during the winter unzip wire bird-feeders to get at the nuts. But our remedy was not on their list. They somehow forgot to put "keep a cat" as an option.

Clearly, Jemima, having been born to a working farm cat, realises that squirrels are not significantly different from the rats her mother had taught her about; we've found two dead ones in the last couple of years. At least that means she's earning her keep, as she's definitely not a people cat.

[Now playing - Godspeed you! Black Emperor - World Police and Friendly Fire]

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