Monday, July 14, 2003


Thinking a bit more about Hulk - the CGI suffered from the usual jerkiness of movement during the first indoor lab-wrecking, but either I acclimatised, or they were doing something better with the outdoors scenes, especially the running (shades of bad memories of the Six Million Dollar Man).

One truly comic-book touch - the lack of casualties, even the crew of the tank flung several hundred feet.

The greedy grasping industrial half of the military-industrial complex, Atheon is of course meant to sound like Raytheon - but is there meant to be some more sub-text to it than that? I wonder.

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Anonymous said...

Raytheon's name means "Light of the Gods" (reference to early association with microwave rods)

Atheon means "Without God".

I don't know if the name Atheon was supposed to sound like Raytheon or not, since it's a perfectly apt name all by itself.