Thursday, January 29, 2004


It was a re-run. What the Met Office forecast as showers turned into a blizzard - so when told by my boss to go home, I did, and the snow was pelting down so hard that I had to have the wipers on full to keep the screen clear. Even clearing the windows before getting in was a bit of a Forth Bridge job.

It took an hour including one false start and loop-around to avoid a road closed by some possible accident. On the main A road, there were a couple of miles where there was nothing else going my way, which was eerie.

Unfortunately it was by then the wrong A road for the main-road route, so I had to make a right turn into country lanes across the traffic fleeing Cambridge, and then crawling over the ups and downs around the Bourne Brook, and the threat of an unwanted tobogganing moment on a down-hill. Not helped when at the top of the descent, I could see a Merc fishtailing at the bottom, when I was wanting to be using that bit of the road in a minute. And each time the chap ahead of me signalled he had reached his own drive, someone else would join the road ahead of me.

Fortunately when I had to cross the next A road, the stream out of Cambridge had left a nice gap that I could slide through; and when I got home, to a power cut, power came on shortly thereafter - and after another couple of minute long blackouts - remained stable from the time it got really dark.

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