Wednesday, January 28, 2004


The threatened arrival of winter finally happened. A couple of inches of snow fell overnight, melting and refreezing on the car, but being barely rigid not-quite-slush on tne pond. As soon as I got on to the main road out of the village, the roads were clear, but I took the long way round by the 'A' roads, just to be sure. With the usual slight haze over snow, the horizon was pink all the way round, until the sun finally showed at a little before 08:00 (mornings haven't improved anywhere near as much as evenings, with sunset yesterday at 16:36, almost an hour better than the worst).

The clear roads are certainly a contrast to the snowfall a year ago that started during the day, and left all the roads deeply covered - even the main roads were packed snow, with crawling bumper-to-bumper traffic. That time I took the country route home - early - so as to be travelling against the main flow, and only having to worry about whether I'd be able to get up some of the slopes. More snow is forecast for this afternoon, so I hope it's not a re-run.

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