Friday, January 30, 2004


Roads now mostly clear - only the first couple of hundred yards through the village, and the approach to the car-park at work are still skating rinks, snow pounded to ice, and shaded so that yesterday's bright sun had no effect. I'm glad in a way that on Monday, having to pass an oncoming bus on a very narrow strip of road that I damaged my nearside front tyre enough that I needed to replace it - that and the one that was getting down to the worn out stage replaced, I now have two new tyres on my drive wheels, which is very reassuring in these conditions.

The ice/frozen slush is an inch thick on the pond - so I've had to saw it (a folding pruning saw does very nicely) rather than doing the usual saucepan of hot water to melt an air hole. Wet windy and mild - more Mediterranean conditions - forecast; and it's already overcast in anticipation.

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