Sunday, January 18, 2004

TV Suicide

I really cannot begin to recount my disgust with the TV licensing people.

Their "we notice you don't have a TV license" letters may have moderated somewhat over the last decade, and no longer start with quite such a "pay up now you guilty cheating scum!" introduction as they used, but their advertising makes up for that. Last night, on the way into and out of London, I noticed many bus shelters with posters with such slogans as "Buy one or get done", and asserting that there were two choices - buy a license or face a court appearance.

Note the lack of consideration that there is a third option - no TV.

Actually, they seem to be all bark and no bite. Over the Yuletide holidays, we received another of the every 18 months or so letter saying we ought pay up, and they'll be sending someone around to check. No-one called while I was in last time, and so far no-one this time.

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