Thursday, May 27, 2004

The bheer thing…

Beer Festival week - so of course the weather deteriorates. There was a glimpse of hazy sunshine for a few minutes, before heavy grey cloud set in.

This year I was actually able to get some of the Woodfoorde's Wherry - a familiar favourite - before going on to the Guernsey Brewery's Island Gold, Sarah Hughes' Dark Ruby Mild (6% ABV, smooth, sweet and goes down dangerously easily!), and Wolf Brewery's Sheeps' Clothing, and another dose of Wherry (halves of course!).

And this year, as well as real pork pies and super cheese, real scotch eggs!

The only trouble with the Festival is that it is just not humanly possible to sample all the beers one would like to, even after filtering according to preference (under 5% ABV in the main, hoppy rather than malt). *sigh*

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