Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Now playing…

Well, the powers that be at work have decided that having two people sharing an office is not efficient, so the walls have been torn down around us, and the corridor on the two sides has been subsumed into an area that now seats six people. As a consequence, from having been able to put the door to, and play CDs though the speaker systems on the PCs we now have a more diverse group of people and the intersection of musical tastes is much the less. And I really dislike using headphones, since I'm a great one for pacing when I'm deep in thought.

But what's on in the car almost continually at the moment is the Noir soundtrack - ignore that it's bookended by the intro and outro music (mere Tokyo-pop), which are the weakest of the offerings, and with different folk involved than the main content. The rest is moody and atmospheric. Though it's just as well it's only a little car, given what research shows about music tempo and driving - otherwise pounding down the highway with Salva Nos (Mireille's theme) belting out at high volume could be a distinct menace to other traffic.

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