Wednesday, May 26, 2004

They're OK…

…the last days of May. It's light now by about 04:00, up from about 05:00 at the beginning of the month (remembering a pre-exam all nighter pulled lo these many years ago, typing up and nroffing an essay, and staggering home just after 05:00 with the sky just reddening with the dawn). The bush roses are in full flush, the climbers are starting to flower, and generally it's getting once again to a state like this:

A cottage-style garden - foxgloves, Escholzias, snow-in-summer, roses, iries, geraniums, honeysuckle and more

After a brilliant weekend - clear skies for the fingernail Moon/Venus conjunction on the 21st, lower and further north than a couple of months back, it's cooler and cloudier, dank stratus under high pressure.

Cycling in to work - one of the beneficial side-effects of being forced to cycle after writing the car off being that cycling is being much more the default this year - I'm amazed by the number of clueless young rabbits bouncing about, more than I've seen in other years - even more amazed that there haven't been any flat ones, also unlike previous years.

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