Sunday, May 16, 2004


In town yesterday, I was accosted by a Krishna monk from Manchester, thrusting a packet of joss-sticks into my hand. He asked me "Why are you smiling?" - not the usual sort of patter I expect under the circumstances. So I gave the simplest answer - a bright sunny morning.

I'm not sure that the more truthful answer would have meant anything to him- that the beautiful weather and the fact that on Friday the international (+ bugfix) version of the software release I'd been working on since the end of last summer had actually gone gold (master CD ready to go to the presses) were both merely substrates, and the reason for the smile was that I'd just figured out an emotionally satisfying way to resolve Misaki Suzuhara's escape from the 12th Angel. Which would have elicited a "Huh?" for those not into rather recherché scenarios of anime/manga crossover fanfic... (i.e. virtually everyone in the whole wide world).

And that made me smile, too.

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