Friday, May 18, 2007

Lightweight Unit Testing for C, C++ and C++/CLR

Probably the simplest tool for this purpose is MiniCppUnit -- no install needed, 2 source files, ~ 500 lines and all in cross platform C++. This tool was in fact generated as a response to quite how heavyweight the more familiar CppUnit is.

The portability of the framework is extremely useful when code is being developed for a non-Windows platform, but you would like the platform independent body of the code in a unified Windows build for monitoring, as well as on the other platform. The one downside as it comes out the box, though, is that it doesn't build under C++/CLR due to its use of native C++ exception behaviour (i.e. uses the fact that in C++ you can throw anything).  This wrinkle is simply fixed, however.  

Guarded by an appropriate #ifdef/#else/#endif, do the following

in the .hxx file,

incoporate the .Net framework with

#using <mscorlib.dll>

provide an alternative definition of the TestFailedException class:-

public ref class TestFailedException : public System::ApplicationException

and catch System::Exception^ rather than TestFailedException&

in the .cxx file

throw gcnew TestFailedException();

rather than just TestFailedException(); when building as C++/CLI .

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