Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Links for 22-May

Hard-core concurrency considerations

JavaScript -- Lisp in 'C's clothing -- used to demonstrate the Y combinator

HTML5 now accepted for review

You think you know JavaScript but you have no idea -- excellent presentations

The high cost of free tools

An Introduction to Ranges (JavaScript/DOM)

Is HTML5 a slippery slope?

Zoomable UIs

Design Patterns Aren't

"Maybe" in Java

Process is about people

Managed Code Custom Actions : no support on the way and here's why --why we still need to do installer custom actions the hard way

Apple's new Invisble UI

Another look at HTML5

Modularity, Ruby and doing the right thing -- cross language behaviour in Silverlight/DLR

C# and the compilation tax -- " Over the last four years, I've basically given up on the idea that .NET is a multiple language runtime."  I know how he feels.

Web 2.0 is neglecting good design -- BBC News picks up on Jakob Nielsen's comments

Design by Grid -- grid layout in the post <table> age

A nostalgic look at using XMLHttpRequest with SOAP -- how to call a web service from your browser the "old-fashioned" way (i.e. how to write the code that ASP.NET AJAX does for you).

Silverlight at the command line -- Test your Silverlight applications in the real thing in scripts (the Silverlight engine is highly sandboxed, so it's going to be limited as an application context)

Silverlight : dynamic languages in the browser -- roundup article

Ruby on Rails on TDD -- a 15-step guide to test-driven web apps

JavaScript Libraries : the big picture -- high level, high speed. Also, good stuff in the comments.

Breaking out of the box -- Learn the rules and then break them for grid-based page designs.

LessMSI -- MSI unarchiver 

Hackers and Fighters -- or, Theory vs. Practice 

IronPython URLs -- aggregator blog

Hello, Dynamic Language Runtime-enabled World! -- IronPython 2.0 now runs on Mono.  Shame that 1.2.4 came out about 24 hours before this was checked in.

Identity Providers, Authentication, Self-Issued cards

AD FS/SiteMinder integration via federation

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 up for public review 

The implications of OpenID 

IronPython Console Syntax colouring and tab completion
tl;dr: ipy -D -X:TabCompletion -X:ColorfulConsole

IronPython Community Edition (FePy) -- at v1.1 with added tighter integration with CPython libraries.

Reducing User Interface Friction

Color Oracle -- colour-blindness simulator

Current Browsers and WCAG1.0

JavaScript -- the Lingua Franca of the web

1023 bit number factorized.  Time to move to 2kbits, and retire those decade-old PGP keys, I think.

Form validation with Prototype+Scriptaculous -- an example

Productivity tip -- not all Pentium-4 class processors are born equal.

Phew. Caught up

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