Monday, May 21, 2007

Links for 21-May

Getting there…

Sins of Software Security

Evolving the Web : HTML5 -- best viewed in Opera (latest public build) which supports some of the proposed new standard

Designing for Web 2.0 Elegant Web Typography (link to PDF)

Why "Why Functional Programming Matters" Matters -- A good thinking piece.

Consuming OpenID in Python (Django) web apps

Rails Live CD distro

amb special form -- non-deterministic (ambiguous) computation

"inherit" behaviour via expression in IE -- still working around the omissions

Designing Interfaces: Patterns for Effective Interaction Design

Patterns in interaction design

7 JavaScript techniques you should be using today

New Recommendations for Using Strings in Microsoft .NET 2.0

Rails style creators in Java

How to prevent HTML tables from becoming too wide

Conway's Game of Life in JavaScript -- utilizing the Canvas HTML extension for procedural graphics supported at least by Firefox 1.5, Safari 1.3, Opera 9.0 and later versions of these browsers. (It will not work on Internet Explorer.)

Barrier-Free Web Design -- The essence of Accessibility

The problem with Configurability -- Usability is sensible defaults, not a dial for everything.

Code is for people to read 

Strictness and correctness

An Initiate of the Bayesian Conspiracy

Economizing can be penny wise and pound foolish -- Is your code red, yellow or green?

Contrast and Meaning

Browsers will treat all HTML as HTML 5 -- Interesting conformance constraint for the new version

Programming Tip: Learn a graphics editor -- Always good to broaden your skill-set; especially when you have to fake-up UIs

The 128-bit programming challenge -- a piece of the zeitgeist.

Securing Orcas Workflow Services with& CardSpace

What is Good Software Design?

Illiterate Programming

Learn Prolog Now

Style matters

Programming Quotations

Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation -- e-book

More than just writing code

Can software be just like Lego?

SVG browser support

That catches me up to 9-May-07

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