Sunday, May 20, 2007

Links for 20-May

The flood continues …

Solving FizzBuzz using compiler error messages -- or another example of how to use C++ templates as a functional programming tool

Redefining Professionalism for Software Engineers

JavaScript hijacking -- Interesting post and comment thread on poor idioms to use within AJAX/JSON type programming

Sandboxing JavaScript using <iframe> -- a technique to mitigate injection attacks

Hard-core customisation of Visual Studio 2005 -- here used to suppress the auto-generation of #region tags around automatic interface generation (which are a nice idea in theory, but soon turn into undocumentation in practice). Thinking of which

Avoiding Undocumentation -- an oldie, but a goodie

loglibrarian: How I Learn New Things These Days

UAC is for developers 

Don't have a COW, man? What Haskell teaches us about writing Enterprise-scale software -- It's surprising what light a functional language, with immutable values can cast on a problem

Optimizations That Aren't (In a Multithreaded World) -- however... (Damned if you do, damned if you don't...)

The "Yes is No" problem -- with dynamic languages, what you see in the source may not be what you get at run-time

Pick a license, any licence

Breaking 104 bit WEP in less than 60 seconds

CSSVista -- Live editing tool for CSS in Firefox and IE simultaneously

Concurrency Crisis -- Is vanilla OO the right tool for handling inherently concurrent systems?

Less programming -- more skill?

Ruby Threads considered worthless -- mainly because they are interpreter-level (aka green) thread, not ones known to the OS (though that does not apply to JRuby which uses the Java threading library instead.

JavaScript framework for Google Maps

More on HTTP.SYS and its security implications -- a must-read

Free icon sets


Firefox as an IDE

Web 2.0 Accesibility

Typography -- compose to a vertical rhythm

The Language of Accessibility -- build it in, don't build barriers

Prioritizing Web Usabilty -- Jakob Nielsen's latest book

Ruby code that will swallow your soul  -- some of the tricks that that Evil Ruby (Extends Ruby's semantics by accessing its internals from pure Ruby code) can enable

Pattern matching with Ruby -- no, not regexes; but something much more fun

SoftCoding -- A dailty WTF essay piece that spots a problem but doesn't quite draw the lesson from it -- the lesson being that Abstraction is somewhat like Optimization.

What if web apps worked like pin-ball machines? -- an interesting view of web idiom

Markup as Craft -- aiming for maintainability and usability

Guidelines for creating better mark-up 

InfoCards and Identity Stability

CardSpace and Unique IDs 

Agile Project management and Competitive Advantage

From Abstraction to Zipf

What does Barbara Liskov have to say about Equality in Java? -- same reasoning applies in C#

Architect's notes for Varnish -- a different look at storage paradigms

The truth about Lisp

Token Description Service for Cardspace

Walking, talking and quacking in Java -- Duck typing and interfaces

When in doubt, make it public

Mount ISO as CD with a MSFT tool -- self extracting .zip with readme.

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