Sunday, July 29, 2007

Anime — Moonlight Mile : 1st Season

Sitting somewhere between Rocket Girls and Planetes in time, but rather more SERIOUS BUSINESS than either. Gritty near-future space story, with two mountaineers -- and American and a Japanese -- who decide that the next stop after Everest is the Moon.

There seems to be a big overarching plot of war in space -- a teaser scene at the beginning doesn't yet get followed through, but the OP animation gives the intention away, even though this 12 episode season ends with the two of them actually operating in orbit.

A bit plodding at times -- I suspect a long-running series in the offing -- and padded with more gratuitous sex scenes than are necessary to establish character. Maybe the amount of tail the two leads get is intended to help make them identification characters for teenage boys, but for me, it acts to distance them.

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