Saturday, July 07, 2007

Film — Highlander, the Quest for Vengeance

Manly 1980's anime (Fist of the North Star and similar) tropes + the skeleton of the 1986 American movie + '00s level CGI backgrounds. One hardly needs to say any more.

Maybe it was that it was Saturday morning, but this was shown as a dub -- and for the Scottish and Ancient Briton flashbacks, the voice acting was more than adequate. For the next century New York (the post-apocalyptic setting so beloved of old-school anime), it reminded me why dubs suck. At least they pronounce "Colin" properly (and not like General Powell).

The only trouble with settings like this -- lone hero (with assorted rag-bag of scavengers following) vs leader of orderly technological society, is that my sympathies tend to the latter, indeed as in any similar tale with a motif of Rome vs barbarian hordes.

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