Sunday, July 08, 2007

Film — Vineta, the secret project

Part of this year's German Cinema stream.

A prize-winning architect, obsessed with water as a motif, working compulsively, fuelled by little other than a constant stream of walnuts, is interrupted in the middle of one commission (a retirement home) by the chance to work on developing the utopian city of the future on a Baltic island.

Obviously, as the ill-assorted team gathered there pull apart as much as together, there is more to this endeavour than meets the eye -- but what exactly that turns out to be is the surprise.

Very effective cinematography to convey the compulsive work-style of the architect; and with fade-to-red/fade-to-blue, the emotional tenor of the film is well underscored.

The least predictable of the films I've seen so far, and in that respect, enjoyable.

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