Thursday, July 12, 2007

Anime — Rocket Girls

“This is Tanpopo Commander Yukari Morita. I'll enter the transfer orbit now.”

— spoken in delightful Engrish at the end of the intro sequence.

So, you're the director of a space agency with a tight budget, your booster uprating is giving the locals an expensive fireworks show, and your test pilot is objecting to be starved to fit inside the mass budget that the proved series permits. What do you do?

Enter Yukari Morita, high-school girl, who's turned up on your patch, looking for her long lost father. You think you may know who it is -- and she weighs less than you're trying to get your pilot down to… maybe your manned satellite launch and repair system might get off the ground, after all.

A light-hearted, series, but generally grounded in engineering, and an antidote to the SERIOUS BUSINESS from Moonlight Mile running at the same time.

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