Monday, May 04, 2009

Bank Holiday Weather

Saturday was a glorious day, just perfect for lunching out at the picnic table, and sipping wine, with friends. From then on, it has been rather downhill, so what we might more reasonably expect for the occasion -- cloudy, cool, and just wet enough to be a nuisance.

Still, it has meant time to get seeds planted in the greenhouse, after having given the raised bed a good soaking.

I also got around to one other chore, one that reminds me quite how bad the last couple of summers must have been in aggregate. I finally cleared the paved area by the shed of the pots, bags of sand and compost, and edging slabs put there in advance of the building works at the end of '05, as well as the ivy, brambles and nettles that had overgrown them all. This year I might even be able to get at the shed to creosote it again in the autumn.

Hey, my 1,111th post!

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