Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spring Holiday '09

Half term, a break in Karen's exercise classes, so I was free from being a taxi, so occasion to be out on the bicycle again; doing the other Norfolk itinerary from the Cycle Breaks people. The bank holiday weekend opened glorious summer, but by the Monday evening, at the base hotel, rain.

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That meant an afternoon start, dripping trees, several places to ford, tedious portages on the one off-road bit, but at least there was one open pub, in Oxborough, at about the halfway point. Unlike in '06, I didn't even consider the Grimes Graves detour.

Wednesday was cold, very windy, and rainy, so I made a straight sprint to Gt. Bircham for the next hotel (the King's Head, the very foody place where I had lunched last time I was in the area), arriving at the same time as the luggage -- but was able to check in! Settling down to rest, alas, I found I had forgotten to return the previous room key. Aaargh!! So in a bout of ma(so)chismo, checked the map for a more direct route, and headed back, from brightening weather into renewed rain and strong headwind, having to walk a lot of the A1065 stretch, as uphill into the wind. At least it was easy coasting on the return leg.

So, 50 miles in, finally able to rest -- though a hot shower isn't quite the same as a soak in a hot bath.

Thursday, some sunshine, and a lot of sultry overcast, I did a bit of the Sandringham loop suggested for the previous day, and part of the Burnham Market/Nelson's country tour for the day. The 42 miles felt longer, after the previous day's exertions -- but finding the Gin Trap Inn at the half-way mark made it all worth while.

Friday, in brightening and hotter weather, if still often overcast, looping wide of the suggested route to keep away from the bits I'd done to death on Wednesday.

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