Sunday, May 24, 2009

IronRuby0.5 -- not yet running with NetBeans Ruby IDE

With IronPython done, the next step was obvious... Again, the only IronRuby/NetBeans material out there to date only concerns itself with the politics of Sun vis a vis MSFT (and red herrings like ASP.Net/MVC vs Rails). So, more rubber hitting the road to do here --

Unlike with RubyMine, NetBeans isn't satisfied with the indirection through a ruby.cmd like the one suggested in the linked article (it tells you it's not a valid Ruby interpreter); but it is clear from the file browser for ruby platforms that you need a file with name matching *ruby*.

So, copy ir.exe,ir.exe.config to ruby.exe,ruby.exe.config, and that takes as Ruby platform Ruby 1.8.6-p0 (my less than recent CRuby being Ruby 1.8.6-p111). So far so good.

Enter and run a trivial script:

puts "Hello"


unknown: The given path's format is not supported. (System::NotSupportedException)

even though running from the command line works just fine. Google doesn't show up any obvious correlates; and the message is one of those totally useless ones like "Could not find the path specified" which would be of some use if it actually said what the broken input actually was, rather than gaily presuming you'll know what it was.

So, anyone have any ideas?

Later:-- Using Debug, rather than Run will start the script (and by using ScottGu's IronRuby/WPF sample as the testbed script, I can be sure that it's IronRuby being launched. The process gets killed eventually, as the debugger can't attach to it, but it doesn't have the path exception.

The message given in the Run case is the same as you get from passing a mangled path-script to the ruby (née irb) executable; but there's no obvious reason for Debug to be doing anything different in this area. So I'm still baffled.

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