Monday, May 18, 2009


Sunshine in February

The rascal

Kamina, the male Tonkinese of our collection, has caused us a little bit of an upset these last few days. He was around the garden Thursday evening while I was weeding and watering the greenhouse, but I lost track of him as it started to go dark. Still, no worries -- he knows how to use the cat-flap...

Yoko was wailing in the morning, and was there all alone. Her brother hadn't come in (and Jemima is never going to let herself be shown how to use the flap).

No sign of pathetic little corpses on a quick scoot round the neighbourhood...

Still nothing this morning, which started to give hope that he hadn't been run over (the bodies usually get found sooner).

At lunchtime, take a little note to put up at the village shop -- to be told that someone has just come in having found a cat.

A quick phone call later -- and it is him; at the other end of the village, about half a mile away, found tangled up in a hedge (which he had had to be cut out of) -- I guess something must have chased him and he'd taken refuge that was too good.

So, a little bit scrawnier from the experience, he's on a rigorous regimen of eating (canned rather than kibble, as a treat) and sleeping (except when being fussed by the guys who came to service the hoists). And once more there's be a cat who will eat our scraps -- the others just ignored some ham rinds I put down for them as a treat.

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