Thursday, August 07, 2003

Phew, What a scorcher! (ctd.)

Cambridge airport weather report - but misty next morning

At 19:30 last night the heat was still like an oven - even the breeze was hot; and that was at the start of an hour's cycle home. Getting home, I just slumped in the conservatory with much cold beer until it got too dark, soon after nine (by ten it's night dark now).

And so to bed - duvet off, fan on. An unfortunate side-effect of heavily insulating the loft is that the hot air pools upstairs, so even with the windows open wide, it was too hot even into the small hours, too hot for comfort to, let alone ever feel the need to pull any bed covers on. Going downstairs at 07:00 was like emerging into blessed cool, with some breeze.

On the way to work, most of the time I was under low murk, giving an autumnal feel with haze and greyness, but a very high humidity and that sticky promise of much heat to come that characterises the early mornings in August. The murk is at last burning off now.