Thursday, August 14, 2003

Road Rage

It happened again today. I'm cycling along, and there's only one car in sight - and it's about two lengths behind me. I'm intending to turn right in a while, but am staying close in to the kerb, waiting for him to pass, and there's plenty of time for him to do so before I have to manoeuvre, and I've done nothing that would be an indication of being about to pull out. And he slows down!

So I slow down. And he does some more. Usually this ends up with me stopped opposite the turn and having to wave the car to pass before the stupid wassname will do so.

Today's was particularly annoying, as the turn off is at the bottom of a slope, so I had braked away all my speed before making the turn and having to ascend again.

[Now playing - Silver Mt. Zion - This Gentle Heart's Like Shot Birds Fallen]

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