Sunday, August 10, 2003

Night Watch

This title records nightfall, and the way it shows the passing of the seasons - what do I mean when I remember that "by the end of August, it's getting dark at 20:30"? and that I can never quite believe before it gets there, after the dark of winter, that yes, in mid May, twilight lasts until at least 21:40.

On Fri 8th August, by 21:20, Arcturus and Vega were visible in a luminous blue sky, but the light was enough for easy colour vision. By 21:25, the whole Summer Triangle, and a couple of other stars had "popped". By now it was no longer possible to read by natural light alone. By 21:30, only the most intensely red flowers showed much colour. By 22:00, colour is gone, except for a deep blue sky with stars.

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