Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Rags to Riches

My dad has gotten deep into the genealogy thing in his retirement (some of the results appearing on my other blog); but we'd always blocked on the male line with my great-grandfather (in whose generation the family name went from Gillham to Gilham).

Finally, a breakthrough - part of the reason for the blockage was that, despite having risen to a position of some prosperity and beome a Mason, he was born in the workhouse. Now we might be able to get back deeper into the 19th century, compared with the late 18th for the maternal line.

And we have hints on the Walters & Austin/Austen side of some hook-up with some of the big pottery families, like Wedgewood and Cartwright-Edwards (though this may all be on the wrong side of the blanket). Otherwise, it's looking like peasants all the way back.

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