Monday, August 18, 2003

Nature notes

I went over to walk the first section of the Peddars Way today, to use up some annual leave. There were the first blackberries of the season ripe, to take the edge off my thirst, and a variety of butterflies - red admiral, peacock, a pale yellow. A bunch of young pheasants burst out of undergrowth ahead of me, and then ran off down the path, providing me with outriders for several tens of yards, before they finally got the idea of leaping into the cover beside the path.

The 1986 vintage HMSO guide I was using was clearly out of date - by the Thet, it warned that the path was narrow, slippery, and on the very bank of the river. When I got there, there was a comfortable wide plank raised walkway. Some lads were swimming in the reedy water, and blue and red damselflies flitted past.

The breckland scenery was quite similar to that of the Gévaudan, where I walked last year.

P.S. The 1986 vintage guide also neglected to note that the mobile 'phone reception is bad especially when you're walking along the path between two bits of the Army training range...

P.P.S. Also the Dog and Partridge pub is shut, and the inn-sign is fading and peeling, though the more obvious signage looks fairly fresh. The "Closed" plates on the door make the message clear, though.

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