Sunday, August 10, 2003

Phew what a scorcher III

The hot weather continues in a cycle of murky misty mornings, just that bit too mild to be autumnal, though they look it, hot sticky afternoons, and nights where even the light summer weight duvet spends all its time on the bedroom floor. Being mid-August, we're getting into the season where the light is going before the heat.

P.S. Today broke the previous UK record temperature - 101F at Gravesend. I siesta'd in the p.m., to be woken by a seriously loud thunderclap - which heralded just a little sprinkle of rain to up the humidity, but at least some air movement. In the evening, thunderclouds with flickering lightning walked across the northern horizon, about 21:45, nigh-black against the last glow of the sunset.

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