Saturday, September 25, 2004

Anime — RahXephon (spoilers)

This was a title that a while ago I admitted to getting as it came out. Well, I finally got round to watching the last disk this week.

Possibly watching it with long gaps between each disk - enough to have to think "what happened last time?" - didn't do it full justice, especially as the effect of one of the sequences of revelations depends on remembering which character is related to whom in which degree. Tthe overall effect was that it was something very pretty, but ultimately shallow - I didn't find myself with any great sympathies or antipathies for any of the characters except in the most abstracted form. Also, unless I missed joining clues together, we found out even less about what was actually going on than in Evangelion - who or what the Mulians were and why they started acting up when they did, whenever that was.

And at the end, after Instrumentality has happened, it just sticks in the "alternate universe" equivalent - but a very claustrophobic AU, inside windowless rooms, only the least sense of everyone (or even everyone we know from the series) being there, rather than the tiny number we see. And in the objective world, we see that there is a real need for an Ohtori project - the world now has a literal shell to smash.

But we do find out who the girl in the yellow dress was.

Overall: Mostly Harmless.

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